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Our services

We take part in the design of any kind of building or construction. As one of the leading Fire and Risk consultant firms in Sweden we offer various services:

  • Design of fire safety strategies for various types of buildings.
  • Simulations for egress strategy planning and smoke modelling.
  • Risk Analyses.
  • Risk Management.
  • Fire safety management.
  • Documentation of fire safety provisions.
  • Flammables and explosives.
  • Research and development, codes, handbooks and education.

We have a wide experience in advanced computer modelling of fire and smoke spread in buildings as well as egress modelling. We perform simulations of fire- and smoke spread using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models as FDS and CFX and egress simulations using STEPS. We also use computer based analysis and calculations for prevention of smoke spread in HVAC-systems and analysis of heat radiation between buildings. As regards to risk management and risk analyses, our Risk Management Engineers are experienced in using several different qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative risk analyses methods.

We have specialists in the fields of:

  • sprinkler systems,
  • fire and evacuation alarm,
  • fire protection in HVAC systems,
  • structural fire protection,
  • fire protection of high-rise buildings,
  • fire protection of hospitals,
  • fire safety in tunnels and under­ground facilities,
  • flammables and explosives,
  • risk analyses and
  • calculation methods for fire design.

In the specialist groups the development of methods and our knowledge bank is consistently increased. We also emphasize that our competence in each field of expertise is upheld by a minimum of two employees.

Our fire safety engineers have experience from working in Fire services, the County Administrative Board in Stockholm, The Swedish Rescue Service Agency, The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning and international fire and risk consultants in Denmark, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates. The experiences and contacts gained from the work in authority functions in the Fire safety and Risk Management sphere vouches for a positive cooperation and dialogue with the authorities. A number of our engineers have experience from work on an international level. Most of our engineers have worked together with international clients, architects and contractors.

We also have an extensive net of contacts regarding issues outside our core expertise. This include design and construction of fire and evacuation alarm systems, water sprinkler systems and gas extinguishing systems. This network together with the collected knowledge of our engineers gives us a highly effective way of achieving good and cost effective fire safety design, both in terms of initial and life cycle costs.